[HD009] Discordian Dreaming Sampler

A1. Grey- Lights in
[audio:Grey – Lights_Inn.mp3]
A2. Chakaharta- Pacific Beats
[audio:Chakaharta – pacific_beats.mp3]
B1. Patchen- Dallas Sallad
[audio:Patchen – dallas_sallad.mp3]
B2. Monad- Meditation of the Devine

[audio:Monad – Meditation_On_The_Divine.mp3]

Harmonious Discord proudly presents an assortment of trippy, deep tunes perfect for the winter season. Starting off 2008 Harmonious Discord, in its tradition of showcasing talent that pushes the boundaries and defines new abstract sounds, releases four choice selections from label friends and extremely talented producers.


The EP kicks off with a bouncy, drum-heavy song by San Francisco’s Chakaharta. Pacific Beats chugs solid with lots of funky lead stabs and creepy percussive chants.

The second selection is brought to us by label pioneer’s Grey. Following suite with their recent well-received release on the same label, “Lights in” is a moody late night mover. Sharp percussion and heavy live bass give this tune plenty of funky movement. 

On the flip we offer you the debut appearance of Don Tinsley aka Monad to the HD imprint. Don became well known with his releases in the Urban Jazz Naturals project, a sultry group of producers and musicians. His solo project Monad is a techier focus for the artist and Meditation on the Devine shows off his headier side. The track creates a deep and dubby surrounding on the dance-floor with hypnotic female vocal accents.

Rounding out our sampler of cacophonous delights is Patchen’s ode to his hometown Dallas, TX. “Dallas Sallad” is the perfect selection for outer-world zoning. Lots of circulating melodies and reversed pads dance around as far-out vocal conversations swirl through the composition.


Available from Beatport

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