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Harmonious Discord SXSW 2015 Showcase


6th Annual Harmonious Discord unofficial SXSW event held at a secret location and streamed live via domelandia.tv

Miguel Senquiz (Spectral, Panther Room) [New York, NY]

Henry Chow (Thoughtless, Harmonious Discord)

Dorian/Molecule (Stark Futures, Harmonious Discord)

PointBender (Thoughtless, Harmonious Discord)

Daniel Allen (Blufin, Harmonious Discord) [Live]

Vital (Harmonious Discord)

Jeff Scroggin (Harmonious Discord)

Vio.Luz aka Jenn Clmnte (purominimal)

DK Frost (Independent)


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[HD041] Deepchild – Golden Moments in American Manufacturing


Harmonious Discord 041 Deepchild – Golden Moments in American Manufacturing

1. Vulcanised (Original)

2. Vulcanised (PointBender Remix)

3. Golden Moments in American Manufacturing (Original)

4. Golden Moments in American Manufacturing (Ill76 Remix)

5. Golden Moments in American Manufacturing (Gaunt Remix)

The HD camp has long been fans of the raw underground sound of Australian-born berlin-based warehouse wizard Rick Bull aka Deepchild. His expert control of hardware systems and abstract musical methodology has created an impressive lineage of music on labels like Get Physical, Face II Face, Thoughtless, and Trapez. Rick is a pioneer in the uncharted waters of forward thinking techno and this project is far from an exception. Playing on themes of machinery, chaos, and American ethos Rick brings us Golden Moments in American Manufacturing; a galvanized techno experience showcasing the raw and sometimes abrasive moments in democratic evolution.

Vulcanised starts us off with a vocal driven juggernaut. Haunting pitched vocals and arpeggiated bass rolls us through several pockets of sound design and the forefront drum programing is ensured to rattle the windows of your favorite underground haunt. Harmonious Discord’s label boss steps up to remix duties with a muddy bass-laden revision focused on taming the rougher nature of the original. The PointBender quickly evolves into an interplay of mutating synth lines and sharp hardware leads.

Our title track features a cornucopia of distorted rhythm elements the build into an anthem for blue-collar woes. The prevalent vocal “WORK,WORK” is like the drum beat to a tireless task initiated by the hive mind. HD veteran Ill76 offers up a smooth dance floor techno rendition with tugboat atmospheres and cycled rotations of energy building pad progressions. Our final interpretation comes to us from Canadian producer Brandon Sprouse (Driip, Gaunt). Brandon’s gaunt pseudonym borrows many dark and twisted sound design elements present in his Driip pieces but delivers it with a pure techno punch.

Deepchild has yet again set the stage for dystopian artistry through his sonic mastery of haunted spaces. Golden Moments is a subversive reminder of the underlying beauty in the systems and constructs that we all experience daily.

Brendon Moeller – “Both originals are dope.”
Phonogenic (Moodmusic / Turbo) – “‘Vulcanised’ is damn good groovin’.”
Daniel Bortz (Suol / Pastamusik) – “PointBender’s remix … cool one.”
Louk (Compulzion / Druck) – “The Ill76 remix is for me.”
Chris Fortier (Fade) – “Super!”
John Norman (KMS Records / Thoughtless) – “‘Vulcanized’ is just beautiful! Melodic, driving and spacious … just the way I like them. The PointBender remix offers some nice chord stabs to pump up the original. A great EP all around.”
Tyler Stadius (Deepsite / Dialtone Records) – “Serious heavy tracks.”
Adam Collins (Euphoria Records / Omni A.M.) – “This release is amazing. I’ll play them all.”
Alinep (Asia Music / UB Radio) – “All tracks are good, but ‘Vulcanized’ is the f*’ing bomb … I’ll be playing it everywhere.”
Leri Ahel (Mutant Disco Radio Show) – “All versions of ‘Golden Moments …’ are superb. I love it.”
Corbin Dooley (Electric Feel Radio Show) – “Fantastic EP. It’s hard to single out a favorite, but the synth in the PointBender remix really makes it a winner.”

[HD040] Adam Pickrell featuring Daniel Hardaway – Reach Suite


Harmonious Discord 040 Adam Pickrell featuring Daniel Hardaway – Reach Suite

1. Original

2. Pezzner Remix

3. Henry Chow Remix

4. John Walker Remix

Last fall, we put together a collection of songs for our yearly sampler showcasing many of the artists you can expect to see on the imprint in the coming year. One of the singles resonated greatly with our fans and we are excited to showcase it here along with some fresh new remixes taking this deep vocal-driven masterpiece to new heights. Adam Pickrell has been a largely silent orchestrator of modern house music since the early 90’s. Known for his acumen on the ivories, Adam first appeared on record shelves with his keys work on the classic Clockwork remix of Home and Garden featuring Collette’s “Find Your Love”. This ushered in an era of releases of top contenders in house music realm with collaborations with artists like Demarkus Lewis, Halo, Brett Johnson, and JT Donaldson all featuring Adam as a contributor the more complex music pieces. After many years as a collaborator Adam founded the musical group White Lotus Society which had many break-through releases including a smash hit called “Space Cadillac”. In 2014, Adam finds himself deep in studio projects that showcase his masterful understanding of melodic construction. Reach Suite is a prayer set to a soundtrack taking the listener into a bed of comfortable resolve.

The remixes shine light on some of the more subversive aspects of the piece with a manage of stunning arrangements that cover the spectrum. Dave Pezzner released on Harmonious Discord in 2003 when his then newly formed music collaboration with artist Bob Hansen called “Jacob London” first started to achieve the widespread recognition that would follow in the coming years. Since then, Pezzner has developed a sound that is unmistakable, and often ever evolving. With recent releases on Crosstown Rebels and his ridiculously amazing EP on Systematic he is not showing any signs of slowing down. Pezzner returns to the labels over 11 years later with a deep juke-inspired classic house rework. The ever-present audio manipulation in Pezzner’s remix produces a stuttered dance-party that lifts the listener into an ecstatic state of floatation. Subversive techno-file Henry Chow steps up to take over late night responsibilities turning the greatly melodic original into a late night growling monster. 909 Style drums and rising pads quickly escalate the ominious nature of this late-night ride. Resident slow-burner John Walker rounds out the EP with a slow build into some of the main aspects of the original giving the musician an upbeat take on some of the best elements.

Tensnake – “Great Pezzner remix.”
Nick Holder – “I’m diggin’ it.”
Dubfire – “Pezzner’s remix for me.”
Three (Hallucienda) – “Nice package, but I’m feeling the old school space techno of Henry Chow’s remix the most.”
Daniel Bortz – “John Walker remix of ‘Reach Suite’ sounds cool.”
Randall Jones (Audio Therapy / Baroque) – “Dope release! All three tracks are bombs with Henry Chow’s coming out as my favorite.”
Spettro (Extended Play) – “Digging the Pezzner remix … deep and lush, his signature sound!”
Nick Warren (Hope Recordings / Way Out West) – “Love the original and Henry Chow’s mix.”
Phonogenic (Moodmusic / Turbo) – “Quality outing here … standouts for me being the Pezzner Remix and John Walker’s spacey lovemaking anthem take on the original.”
Adam Warped (Whiskey Pickle Records / Strange Days) – “Diggin’ the John Walker Remix.”
Manuel Sahagun (Candy Music / Drop Music) – “Peznner remix is the bomb!”
DJ Jazzy L (WNUR FM, Chicago) – “I love the steady groove of John Walker’s remix.”
The Zars – “Pezzner’s remix sounds wonderfully crazy.”
Michael Fossati (Spirit Of House) – “Henry Chow Remix is a truly tantalizing late night gem.”
Leigh Morgan (Urban Torque) – “I love Pezzner’s take, it reminds me a little bit of St. Germain …”
DJ Nova (Rodon FM, Greece) – “Yes, a masterpiece. Emotional, beautiful, magic … a delightful deep house release.”
Sumsuch (Colour and Pitch / Mega Jawns) – “Gorgeous stash of mixes here – something for all occasions … highly addictive throughout!”

Available now from Beatport.