[HD039] Onium – Immix


Harmonious Discord 039 Onium – Immix Ep
1. He Breathed
2. Opslo
3. Opslo (Echo Concious Remix)
4. Opslo (Bleupulp Remix)
5. Opslo (Hemipetra Remix)
6. Sharing Light
7. Piped

From the seedy depths of dub infested marshes comes the cosmic mixture of sound manipulations known as Onium. A tenured producer with a handbag of psuedonyms and secret projects the Onium project focuses heavilty on expanding the dub techno genre into a highly musical medium. Always pushing the edge while seemingly staying true to the dub framework Onium partners his vast knowledge of song creation with deep understanding of what makes dub techno amazing. We first featured Onium in our Discordian Dreaming series which resulting in a call to our headquarters for more Onium. Delivering on that promise we are proud to present his first full length EP on Harmonious Discord with remixes by forward forging artists like Echo Conscious, Bleupulp, and Hemipetra.

Our journey begins with a slow breathe of relief stretched into a progressive build of elastic dub melodies. The selection creeps a bit saving the heavier techno attributes till it busts out later in the tune. Opslo bates the breathe in the same fashion with an extended intro and caviler aspirations throughout. Opslo plays two key dub themes that dance in-between each other as subtle percussion moves in mysterious ways. Echo Conscious is first up on the remix duties for this project with his cow-bell laden groover. Brad elevates the mood to be more relevant on the dancefloor turning this subtle contender into a dance floor duel. From here we dive into subversive depths of cerebral techno with contributions from Hemipetra and Bleupulp. Rumbling echos of dissonance converge as these two selections take us into strange soundscapes. Piped then comes through to break us of our heady constraints with a melodic tech house experiment in the marshes of deep dub. Piped does a great job of balancing dub techno purism with real world feet fodder. No other book-end cause serve quite as worthy as the addition of Sharing Light to the collection which takes dub chord construction to new levels with deeper melodic meaning. Sharing light is a meditative windstorm ready to drift the listener into the outer reaches of the stratosphere.

Harmonious Discord presents Deepchild


Harmonious Discord Recordings and Love Rich Productions presents Deepchild *LIVE*

Saturday June 28th 2014

Sandaga 813

813 Exposition Ave, Dallas, TX 75226

$10 at the Door

Deepchild x PointBender x Vital x John Walker

Inside Time-Slots
12:30am – 2am Deepchild *LIVE*
11:30pm – 12:30am PointBender
10:30pm – 11:30pm Vital
9:00pm – 10:30pm John Walker

Outside Time-Slots
01:00am – 02:00am J Who
12:00am – 01:00am Jenn Johnson
11:00pm – 12:00am Onium
10:00pm – 11:00pm Derrick Chavez
9:00pm – 10:00pm Chaser & James Warren “Z Lives”

Deepchild Live

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Harmonious Discord x Thoughtless x SXSW x Renegade Showcase



Harmonious Discord and Thoughtless Music present

An UN-Official SXSW Showcase

Sunday March 16th

12pm-8pm CST

$10 Entry, No Wristband or Badge Required

Danielle Nicole (Thoughtless, Little Helpers, Fantastic Friends) NYC

Henry Chow (Thoughtless, Harmonious Discord)

PointBender (Thoughtless, Harmonious Discord)

Molecule (Harmonious Discord, ISHI)

Yanni Ehm (Hemiptera)

Onium (Harmonious Discord)

Vegenaut (Harmonious Discord)

$10 @ Loft718


[HD038] jdn – Night EP


Returning to the folds is Harmonious Discord founder and longtime contributor JD Northrup with a next generation sound-scape inherent of the preparation and diligence put fourth in his resurgence back into the electronic music landscape. JD has been featured previously on Harmonious Discord under the moniker Chakaharta providing a legacy of great releases that blended modern electronics with natural rhythms and synthetic elements. Releases like “Cactus Girl” and his album “The Plant” were monumental additions to the HD catalog. The jdn project encompasses the same balance of synthetic and environmental elements but with an enhanced concentration on hardware based workflow. The entire EP was constructed in the box with various synthesizers and drum machines dancing with each other in perfect synchronicity.

Harmonious Discord 038 jdn – Night EP
1. Aelian Intro
2. C5
3. C5 (Patchen’s Yellow Fever Mix)
4. Night Groove
5. Night Groove (Bluetech Remix)
6. D13
7. Talk is cheap

The EP spans many moods with a common thread of psychedelic ingenuity and technical precision. We grow from a very subdued intro to floor destroyers like “Talk is Cheap”. In the same nostalgic vein we invited HD contributor and artists Patchen Preston to offer up a chunky rendition of the tune C5. Lastly, we are excited to collab with one of our favorite musicians in the industry and one of the most versatile sonic magicians we know, Evan Marc aka Bluetech. Bluetech takes his remix “Night Groove” to the stratosphere and back with floating arpeggiations and bouncing percussion. The “Night EP” offers a little bit for everyone, from the subdued to the overt a plan for world domination.