[HD050] Pablo del Monte featuring LaVoyce – Stay All Night

HD050 Pablo del Monte featuring LaVoyce – Stay All Night

  1. Stay All Night (Original)
  2. Stay All Night (Litex Remix)
  3. Stay All Night (Jeff Scroggin Dub)
  4. Emperor (Original)

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Harmonious Discord ceremoniously announces its 50th worldwide release.  Over the past 16 years Harmonious Discord Recordings has been the go-to choice for abstract dj’s in the underground.  A small but powerful force in the Texas Electronic Music scene, Harmonious Discord has featured releases in all form factors (Vinyl, CD, Digital) with popular artists like Pezzner, Brett Johnson, Deepchild, Morgan Page, Arthur Oskan, PointBender, and Dorian.

London native and musical machine Pablo del Monte joins the label for it’s 50th release.  Pablo is the radio pilot for Brick Lane Radio and label head at famed East Recordings.  His productions range from classic sounding house music to edgy, provocative tech house projects.  Pablo first caught our ear with a stellar dub house track called “Dub Frequency”.  Pablo’s work with the label was a natural fit from the start and we are happy to introduce Pablo to the imprint as the label meets this important milestone.

While Pablo is a UK native, he has collab’d with Dallas, TX based vocalist LaVoyce to create a peak time driver called “Stay All Night”.  The original is a precise mixture of well-spaced percussion and a bass foundation that continues to deliver on dancability.  Pablo’s deliberate accents and fills never leaves the listener bored.  The dance between samples and synthesized accents provides a navigating principle that syncopates firmly as the song progresses.  This hallowed house classic is sure to “treat you right”.

Label co-founder and Grey Music Project artist Eric Reeves returns from deep hibernation with a smooth interpretation of Pablo’s original work.  Known for his dynamic bass programming and swung percussion, Eric delivers us a dynamic cleanse focusing on pervasive synthesizer programming and tightly controlled FX.  Mild hints of progression lead to a deepening of the elements earmarked by pad resonance and drifting delays.  Jeff Scroggin takes the un-charted back roads with his dubbed out wash of the original.  Urban, rough-and-tumble, and perfectly crafted Jeff accents the original parts with hypnotic dub chords and a driving sub-bass.  Emperor is one of the more impressive b-sides you are likely to encounter.  In fact, it really stands on it’s own, as emperors tend to.  And like it’s namesake, this tune requires your attention and respect.  Almost clinical drum programming perfectly aligned with sound design and synthetic manipulations.  The foundation provides the force while building accents finish the formula.  A commanding force of music, offering itself to it’s loyal listeners.

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[HD049] PointBender – Dusk Remixed

Harmonious Discord 049 PointBender – Dusk Remixed

Available Now From Beatport: https://www.beatport.com/release/dusk-remixed/2040749

Harmonious Discord label boss and abstract artist PointBender reimagines Dusk Frontier with DuskRemixed, featuring remixes by Dorian, Murr, and a PointBender redux. PointBender is the moniker of Sean Anderson, an independent artist living in Austin, Texas, who has also released work on imprints like Guidance, Thoughtless and Blaq. The track features Toronto-based vocalist and Lal frontwoman Rosina Kazi. This collection of remixes pushes more experimentation on the dancefloor while retaining some of the hypnotic elements of the original but with greater intensity.

Label mainstay and Carmen San Diego of monikers Brad Dale offers up an interpretation through his Dorian moniker. Brad has been featured on the label in many forms, most notably Molecule, Echo Conscious, and Ishi. A man of many talents and musical precision, Brad offers up a pensive rework formulating the hypnotic vocal takes into a backdrop of classic deep house atmospheres. Propelled even deeper by heavily plated live guitar and bass, Dorian’s rework puts the subconscious on auto-pilot as intensity and uncertainty mount. Lal co-pilot and independent artist Murr pulls in his twist of events, focused more of the range of vocals. Murr stays true to his signature methods, presenting shades like linear algebra, where the sum amounts to so much more than the parts. Our final rework comes from PointBender himself, offering up a stripped down, beat-driven alternative. This collection of remixes pushes more experimentation on the dancefloor while retaining some of the hypnotic elements of the original but with greater intensity.

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[HD048] Discordian Dreaming 8

Harmonious Discord 048 – Discordian Dreaming 8

Available Now From Beatport: is.gd/BgUxKP
Juno Download: is.gd/Xmx0Hg
iTunes: is.gd/MTOvVS
and Spotify: is.gd/7aCwP3

The Harmonious Discord label ceremonially introduces each year with a new installment of its Discordian Dreaming series, previewing what the label has in store over the coming months. This eighth edition features an abstract collage of sounds fitting for an evening of mindful expansion and dance floor excursions. Included are label mainstays Dorian, Onium, Tobor Rellik, and Josiah Fontenot plus appearances by new artists Triptique and Joshua Davidson alongside the return of legacy legend Litex. This set will offer a shine of interest to every tech-house collector.

Onium begins the release with dub laden saxophone serenade. Crisp percussion and tense atmospheres collide with dense melodies. Dorian resets with an afro-cuban-inspired percussive techno journey. A beautiful mixture of celebration and energy, “Run Run Run” is a full narrative told in music. Joshua Davidson makes his debut on the label with a pensive, deep tech-house performance. Warm accents roll through this cut and Josh shows that his talent for creating complex moods is polished. Josiah Fontenot follows with a non-typical linear techno composition. With a strong focus on character and warmth this tracky bicep beat continues to deliver. Dallas native Tobor Rellik moves us onto the dance floor with a plucky tech-house tune with automation into filthy territories. Triptique then provides a nightclub-favored alternative with hypnotic sweeps and Moroder-esque bass lines. HD001 artist Litex returns with a heavy and driving track that flows into spacey progressive territory but stays crisp with technique.

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[HD047] Jeffrey Tice – Aurora

Harmonious Discord 047 Jeffrey Tice – Aurora

San Francisco native Jeffrey Tice has a talent for seeing color in the blank spaces.  Jeff’s roots are in early electronica but that doesn’t stop him from adopting the methods of the future.  The Aurora ep is Jeff’s sophomore release on our imprint following the success of his first project “Where do you go?”.  Jeff is now asking, what’s going on in a new collection of musically minded dancefloor tunes.  Austin resident and Denied Music boss Daniel Allen provides us a blissful reprise and longtime contributor of sonic oddities Plastic Pope returns to the label with a signature of strange.

Harmonious Discord 047 Jeffrey Tice – Aurora

  1. Aurora
  2. What’s Going On?
  3. What’s Going On? (Daniel Allen Remix)
  4. Been Alone
  5. Been Alone (Plastic Pope Remix)
  6. Table Cape Leisure

Aurora provides a great balance between floaty ethereal accents and driving funk bass.  A snappy rhythm section helps move the experience forward with jovial flare.  What’s Going On changes tone with a serious intro with built in tension and masterful dub design.  Rich in texture and methodical in design this tune is an essential dancefloor tool.  Daniel Allen returns to deliver an inspiring heater that elevates the mood to euphoric atmospheres with rich chord interplay and spacious arps.  Been Alone delivers immediately on thick garage and deep house constructs, including a building analog bass pattern that begs for foot movement.  HD’s mysterious but ever consistent provider of strangeness Plastic Pope makes a much anticipated return offers a small slice of insanity with hints of breakbeat, jackin Chicago house, and quirk.  Jeff ends the ep with a disco inspired whale sonnet named Table Cape Leisure.  Pressed with rim shots and summer fair this funk jam session can fit within the borders of a diverse set of music.