Adriano Liuzzi is an Italian producer who moved to London in 2013 primarily to study electronic music but also to live in first person the English club scene and enjoy his favorite artists.

After few months of attending gigs and playing in clubs, he began to improve his musical skills and started producing his own music. In 2015 he released his first EP called Barely Real under his alias Pulptalks, opportunity that led him to play in many of the London underground parties. In 2016, after participating in some Various Artists releases with different labels including Baroque, he released his second and third EPs called respectively “Sugar Lips” and “Sand”, both signed by Piston Recordings.

During summer 2016, he decided to move back to his hometown. This have him the chance to build his own studio and work full time as a music producer for local bands and artists.

In 2017 he started a new musical journey under the name Vuérs. The duo was born from the encounter of old friends after many years of separation; after four months locked up in the studio together they released the downtempo electronic music project they’ve been working on. After a couple of EPs, released under YSR Recordings (sub label of Society 3.0) and Experimental Records (2019), they decided to split their path again and few months later Adriano decided to come back with a solo project: Hadrian.
Hadrian represents Adriano’s favorite genre at best, with deep house beats and strong vocals. During the pandemic lockdown Adriano had found the time to finish some of his old alone projects.

What is about to come in this 2020 is the results of his obsession to discover new music and his passion as a producer. This Italian artist is the one who will bring you to other places and dimensions. If that is what you are looking for, you should definitely check his music out!

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