Jeffrey Tice

Jeffrey Tice

Jeffrey Tice started out mixing all of the vinyl he had collected at the tender age of 16. By that point he had a healthy stash of hundreds of 12″ singles bought at the local record stores (i.e Sound Exchange and Waterloo Records). It was 1990 and Jeffrey had no idea where his fascination with mixing records would eventually lead him.

When the birth of the Austin rave scene happened in 1992 after a passionate couple of ravers from San Francisco moved to his home city, Jeffrey was right there in the thick of it and he quickly became one of Austin’s most illustrious and successful DJ’s, playing at a majority of the events happening in the capital city.

When by chance, in 1994, a guy who was about to open a club in Austin showed up to a warehouse party that Jeffrey and the other prominent DJ’s of Austin’s underground scene were playing at, the unlikely birth of Proteus happened. Jeffrey was one of the resident DJs at Proteus for several years and became even more well known and in demand. Proteus is still, after 25 years, notoriously known as one of Austin’s most loved and influential nightclubs ever.

While all of this was going on, Jeffrey was honing his production skills as well, eventually graduating from the well renowned music school, Pyramind in San Francisco. This would lead him in another direction for several years that would eventually lead to his music being released worldwide by a number of record labels in the US, UK, and even El Salvador.

Many years later, now having lived in The Bay Area for more than a decade and with the incredible success of his production work, Jeffrey is making waves again with his unmistakable style, selection and skill as a producer and DJ, and is ready to influence your mind and control your body on the dancefloor, wherever that may be.

In June of 2018, Jeffrey founded his own record label, Subplot Recordings and has been on a steady stream of impressive releases, showing no signs of slowing down any time soon.

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