Jeff Scroggin

Jeff Scroggin is back with a bearded vengeance. In a time before splintered genres sprouted like weeds, the artist formerly known as Twist-1 helped to cultivate electronic music in Texas. Infantine ravers in oversized pants frantically swept the floors for Jeff back in the 90s, catching him as part of house crew 626 Soul in Austin, and as a breakneck junglist across the state. After a lengthy hiatus, 2013 saw the return of Scroggin, as well as the reunion of 626 Soul at revered bar Plush. Shortly after, he was recruited by VAGABOND to join their monthly, and he joined Uomo to organize and play one-offs. But Scroggin isn’t just back on the streets — he’s been running amok in the studio. A decade after his 2004 release “Stress Free” on Chicago’s Bunchlox as one-half of Synchronized Suckas, Jeff released “Something” as Black Beanz with fellow 626er Coy West on Texas’ own Harmonious Discord. He then closed out 2015 with his first solo production “Light Sabotage” on VAGABOND Daniel Allen’s virgin label, Denied Music.

Impressed by scraggly Scroggin’s undying efforts, Harmonious Discord and Denied Music released more of his work in 2016: “Deep Knows” (HD), “New Dubs” (HD), and most recently, “One Note Acid” (DM). Fans of the Austin mainstay can catch up with him through podcasts for Cream Couture Records, Denim Life, and Hypersonic Radio, as well as at Plush, Ethics, and the obscure Domelandia.