Music has and will always be the driving passion in life for Jeffrey Evan. His journey began at a young age when he first picked up his father’s guitar. Finding influence in the pop and rock songs on the radio, he quickly learned how to play sounds that inspired him and affected the soul. At the age of 17, Jeffrey Evan first heard Crystal Method’s “Vegas” and it was at that point his life would forever shift to electronic music.

In order to fully understand and respect this interesting new music, Jeffrey Evan found it necessary to completely saturate himself with the sounds of trance, breakbeat, house, downtempo or anything of the like. An addiction to the exciting new sounds in his life had spawned the beginnings of a serious music collection, and at the age of 20 he was first introduced to dj-ing. Starting out with old Denon CD decks and quickly graduating to the turntable, Jeffrey Evan learned the essentials of beat matching. Just one year later he would collaborate with a friend to produce his first single – a remix of Men at Work’s “Down Under. Receiving major praise and heavy rotation locally, Jeffrey Evan got his first taste of the joys of music production. The next 4 years were spent playing at local clubs and throwing house parties in his hometown of Flagstaff, Arizona.

Jeffrey Evan realized his musical dreams were quickly outgrowing the small, northern Arizona town, so in 2005 he made the move to Dallas, Texas. Two years later he began a torrid love affair with digital audio workstation Ableton, and shortly thereafter he began attending Berkeley’s online College of Music. Having seasoned his ears to the many genres and sounds of electronic music, Jeffrey Evan constantly found himself returning to and being fascinated by the relaxing melodies of chill and downtempo. His tracks took the listener on a journey like no other, and painted the most beautiful pictures in the listener’s mind. This fascination with downtempo soon expanded, and Jeffrey Evan began immersing himself in the uptempo sounds of drum ‘n’ bass. Here he found a natural sense of comfort, and it was evident to all that this particular genre beckoned (commanded) more of his attention. His combined passion for downtempo and drum ‘n’ bass expressions quickly gained notoriety, and soon Jeff’s tracks were being featured on podcasts all across the world.

Jeffrey Evan’s passion for music, combined with his never-ending quest for new sounds, makes him one of the most promising, up-and-coming producers of our generation. He is definitely not one to be missed

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