Grey Music Project


Grey Music Project (or more commonly known as “Grey”) is a production duo with a an 11 year discography of influential music spanning multiple genre’s and weathering several shifts in ideology. They have released on classic imprints like Guidance, Fair Park, and Blunted Funk; but are most notably recognized for thier contributions to the label they co-manage Harmonious Discord. The Grey sound utilizes live instrumentation and complex synthesis to craft lush atmospheres that are propelled by razor sharp bass programming. A deep dance-floor focus ensures that each release is as viable in the club as it is in headphones.

The music project consists of Sean Anderson and Eric Reeves; two Texas natives that have never lived within 100 miles from each other. Luckily, powerful technology and cheap gas at HEB allowed for the distance to never be an issue. Growing up in the studio together and maturing as a project allowed them to gather their own strengths while developing a sound that was uniquely Grey.

In 2004 they showcased their live act opening for John Tejada, with live vocals and multiple controllers they proved they were just as compelling on stage as they were behind the pots and faders. Also in merely a year later they were featured on Balance 03 mixed by Ben Korbel; a compilation that received critical acclaim.

In 2008, Eric and Sean began their solo projects which showcased a vastly different sound than the Grey project. Sean began performing live as PointBender and is currently releasing a heavy rotation of selections on labels like Thoughtless and Musical Missionary. PointBender is also a highly in demand live act recently opening for M.A.N.D.Y, Seth Troxler, Tanner Ross, and others. Eric has been pushing his relentless bass driven masterpieces with showcases on Mynt and Alterimage and has also just recently premiered his new live set that promises to be a next level adventure.

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