Henry Chow

Henry Chow

Henry Chow’s productions lie at the musical intersection of a fine souffle and the most thorough enhanced TSA security groping. Always known for timeless funky bass lines and outer space melodies, Henry started the DJ voyage in 1996.

With his b-boy roots, his music interests started with hip hop, funk, and rare grooves, and expanded to include house, drum ‘n bass, and eventually techno. He began buying techno music for Chemistry Records, where record store employee Tim Xavier would sneak Chow records to listen to.

By the turn of the millennium, he had started playing on the MKULTRA radio show on Rice University’s KTRU 91.7 FM on a regular basis, and then moved on to throwing a string of warehouse parties featuring his raw, percussion-driven techno sound. Along the way, Henry released records on, among other labels, Marco Carola’s Zenit imprint, affording him a few trips across the States and overseas.

With his mind blown by one fateful visit to the Robert Johnson club during a tour through Germany, Henry came back to Houston to set the stage for what would eventually become a new musical direction in the studio, and a new series of events under the name Crossroads along with his friend Sasha Braverman. Together they have hosted one of Texas’ longest running monthly parties, bringing to town some of the best talent from around the world.

Constantly reuniting new and classic sounds, Henry’s DJ sets keep dance floors captivated and moved all night long.

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