Stephen Holland-Chang (symbio) is label manager and chief curator of 530Techno. A DJ/Producer based in rural northern California, Symbio has always been about the integration of diverse sounds and influences to move the body on the dancefloor and keep the mind expanding. Early opening sets mix old school electro, new wave, SF ambient, IDM and b-more breaks. While his late night sets venture into heavy doses of crunk laden tech-house, acid, dub techno and deep house. He has played alongside such renowned artists as Android Cartel, Lilyanne, Kid Kameleon, Jason Short & Ripley.

Eight years of djing and producing parties with Anna Talbott as Future/Now and Sean Micheal Yoder (aka The_abstract_terrorist) of Vinyljunkie PR have provided him with a solid knowledge for what keeps the music and the scene evolving. Holland-Chang and Yoder have been partnering on several exciting projects in 2011. These include The CONDUIT // Podcast (, which features exclusive mixes from fresh and legendary international talent like Christ Fortier, Monopolar, Signal Deluxe, Derek Marin and Android Cartel) and Zocalo, a monthly get together of local artists/djs/producers set to a soundtrack of fresh and vintage mid-tempo/chillout designed to get communication flowing.

His own productions build on a solid 4/4 tech house and techno foundation giving way to a unique mixture of weird polyrhythmic insectoid noises, bouncing sub bass and organic tribal textures. Inspired by pioneers, New Order, Skinny Puppy, Meat Beat Manifesto, Autechre, The Orb, Basic Channel and Aphex Twin, as well as the new breed of techno coming from labels Droid, Blipswitch Digital, New Kanada, Thoughtless, Mothership and Auralism, Symbio strives to create fresh dance floor fillers that fuse field recordings and found sounds with psychedelic noises and the latest in synth technology.

“I am inspired by new and fresh sounds.” says Symbio “This is what drew me to this type of music in the first place. I am not really interested in filling an existing niche or fitting into a singular style with my music. I want to keep experimenting, pushing the music in new directions, taking risks and having fun.”

His debut release on San Francisco imprint, Blipswitch Digital, “The Gasps & Fissures Parade” incorporates original oboe, English horn, suona and mijwiz work from improv noise musician/composer, Kyle Bruckmann aka Stunp. Stunp & Symbio followed up with 2 unique tracks “Rukh” and “Sick Sonar” on the innovative non-profit label Musical Missionary run by David Collado as part of their “Break Out” Compilation. Proceeds from Musical Missionary releases go towards providing music and arts education to underprivileged youth. Symbio’s deep techno remix of Chris Fortier’s classic track, Despeque, dropped on Fade Recordings this past month a part of the remix competition.

With the new 530Techno label in the works, and an upcoming remix EP on Musical Missionary, Symbio and the northern California 530Techno crew show no signs of slowing down.

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