[HD045] Josiah Fontenot – Lazy Brute

HD0054 Lazy Brute final

Harmonious Discord 045 Josiah Fontenot – Lazy Brute
June 16th, 2016

1.Lazy Brute
2. Lazy Brute (Iván Dbri and Rocko Remix)
3. The Cold Winter Wind
4. The Cold Winter Wind (Tobor Rellik Remix)
5. Knight Moves

**Artwork by Cory Hubbell
***Mastering by Brad Dale

Josiah Fontenot first made an appearance with an oddly spacey tune on 6th installment our annual compilation Discordian Dreaming under the moniker El Natured.  Since then he has been sending us collections of blissful hardware recordings that pay homage to some of the most defining sounds of the early 2000’s.  We are excited to share with you his first full EP under his true name.  Lazy Brute is a collection warm analog offerings with many beautiful shades of imperfection.

The collection starts off with the original of Lazy Brute that provides us with some full frontal distorted drum work alongside some well-tempered acid lines.  The original progresses into a fully flourished set of conjoining melodies and accents that define it as a proper head trip.  Mexican resident by way of Canada Ivan Dbri partners up with Rocko to take the forward nature of the original and put it in the context of New York signature house sound.  With hints of garage and an earth quaking bass line the remix gives disciplined structure to the abstract nature of the original.  The Cold Winter Wind changes directions to a minimally constructed, bell-driven deep house vibe.  Remnants of early Jeff Samuel and Villalobos works flutter around with artistic, playful synth and drum accents.  This tune rides the barrier of techno house in a way that will compliment many of our multi-genre artists.  For the remix, we hired on Texas staple Joshua Kynd under his deeper moniker Tobor Rellik.  Josh give the original a playful tech house bounce while keep the mood light and melody driven.  Heavy attractions enter the arena as the piece moves forward, this will be a great tool to get the floor full.  Our last selection Knight Moves is more of a proper tech-house workout complete with heavy basslines and 1980’s accents.  Lots of strong progression and pitch bent pads for keeping the dancefloor “tubular”.  Expect to hear more from Josiah and friends in the upcoming year and look for Beatport now on every dance/music site!

[HD044] Jeff Scroggin – One Note Acid


Harmonious Discord 044 Jeff Scroggin – Deep Knows
01. Deep Knows (Original Mix)
02. Deep Knows (Jay Tripwire Mix)
03. One Note Acid
04. One Note Acid (Daniel Allen Remix)
05. New Dubbs


In February of 2016 Harmonious Discord celebrated it’s 15-year anniversary. From a gang of scrappy young adults pressing vinyl with their collective tip money to a label known for pushing the boundaries of house and techno music with releases from some of the most highly acclaimed musicians in the electronic landscape. 2016 will bring a string of new projects for the label as they embark on even more journey’s to bring the sound of the discordian underground to the masses.

This release features Austin, Texas native Jeff Scroggin with three superb moving techno compositions. Deep Knows is warehouse jam with ample funk pressure. Complex beds of percussion and synth stabs dance together to create a highly musical techno selection. Vancouver based industry powerhouse Jay Tripwire makes his debut on Harmonious Discord after a successful 2016 album called 8 channels. Jay applies his years of savage noises to the rework and takes the old-school elements strait into the realm of the outer world. Next up is One Note Acid, a seemingly simple construction with surprising variations that take the simple cadence into more complex territory. The progressive movement builds into a manage of carefully placed synthetic elements and drives towards darker moods as the piece evolves. Denied Music label boss Daniel Allen premieres on Harmonious Discord as well with his Miami deep shade version of Jeff’s original. There is plenty of high resonance automation to ensure that the build drives the dance floor insane just until the music spirals into a disorienting pitch drop. Jeff rounds us out with New Dubbs, a heady percussive driven and deep pulsating concoction complete with dub influences. You can expect to see more of Jeff on the label throughout the next couple years and hope you are as excited about this collection as we are.

Anthony Pappa – Cool EP. The Jay Tripwire remix is the one for me. l will support it.”
L.A. Williams – “‘Deep Knows’ hits the heavy into the deep.”
Louis Osbourne (All Night / Made To Play) – “Really nice EP. All tracks are very good. Jay Tripwire’s mix stands out though.”
Spettro (Get Physical Music) – “I love the bouncy vibe on Jay Tripwire’s mix.”
Lil’ Mark (Leftroom) – “‘New Dubs’ for me … nice tracks.”
Al Bradley (3am Recordings) – “A truly excellent EP here, with all involved doing damage. The originals are the ones for me, with the bassy building vibe on ‘One Note Acid’ really working well.”
Terry Mullan (Coin Slot) – “The Daniel Allen remix of ‘One Note Acid’ … solid track.”
Tyler Stadius (Deepsite / Dialtone Records) – “Right trippy. Should do some heads in for sure.”
Craig Stewart (Montana & Stewart / DCSTrax) – “Feeling ‘New Dubs’ … very, very tasty. Phew!”
Tee Cardaci (Low Down Grooves / Sine Qua Non) – “Really impressed with every track on this one … massive!”
Simon Kirk (Stag Beetle Radio Show) – “Superb. I love the diversity in style across these … each one is simply fantastic. ‘One Note Acid’ … what a journey!”
DJ Firefly (Couch Dancing Radio Show) – “Seductive deep techno … definitely the good stuff.”

Harmonious Discord 15 Year Celebration


Harmonious Discord, Livid Instruments, ReMidi, Tour Gigs and Subpac present A 15 Year Celebration during this years SXSW music festival.

Location: The Dome, Austin Texas
Streamed Live @ http://www.hdrecordings.com/
March 19th, 2016
8pm – 8am CT

lividlogo_highresLogo Remidi_TransAirshp-logo688px-TourGigsBlackGrunge-688x688SUBPAC

Our Sponsors:
Harmonious Discord Recordings http://www.hdrecordings.com/
Livid Instruments http://lividinstruments.com/
ReMidi http://remidi-pro.com/

Come help us celebrate 15 years of Texas Underground Music with Livid Instruments, Subpac, Remidi, and TourGigs. We will provide an entire night of quality music from uber-talented artists. Many of the performances will be performed live on instruments made by Austin based company Livid.

Pezzner (Hunt and Gather, Harmonious Discord) Seattle,WA

PointBender [Live] (Harmonious Discord, Guidance, Thoughtless)

Dorian [Live] (Audiophile Deep, Harmonious Discord)

Henry Chow (Thoughtless, Harmonious Discord)

Daniel Allen [Live] (Denied Music)

Travis Bonnet (Livid Instruments, Lava Lounge)

Baldo (Italy – Remidi, 303Lovers, Livid Instruments)

Vital (Harmonious Discord)

Jeff Scroggin (Harmonious Discord)

Stephen Glass (Headset Hi-fi)

Vegenaut (Harmonious Discord)


The event is free of charge and the sets will be streamed live over the internet. We hope you can join us!

Sign up for party location and event info.

* indicates required

[HDY151] Harmonious Discord 15 Year Compilation Deep


Harmonious Discord turned 15 this year!

We are celebrating with two compilations compiling the best and brightest releases spanning 15 years.

Listen and Purchase the Compilation:

Beatport: https://pro.beatport.com/release/15-years-of-harmonious-discord-deep/1721254

Itunes: http://itunes.apple.com/album/id1088590137?ls=1&app=itunes

Amazon Music: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01CB5SJQI/ref=dm_ws_sp_ps_dp

1. Molecule – I Won’t let you Fall
2. Morgan Page Featuring Josal – What Can You Show Me? (Morgan’s Broken Beat Dub)
3. Chakaharta – Cactus Girl
4. Patchen – A Pale Blue Dot
5. Ivan Dbri – Archaic
6. Patchen – Madrid
7. Monad – Meditation on the Divine
8. KiloWatts – Remembering Spring
9. Grey Music Project – Owls
10. KiloWatts – Windsong (Vital and Hubb Remix)
11. Adam Pickrell featuring Daniel Hardaway – Reach Suite
12. Jeffrey Tice – Where Do You Go?