[HD008] Grey – Work Rut EP


A1. Simple Matters
[audio:Grey – Simple Matters – Final 1.mp3]
B1. Overtech
[audio:Grey – Overtech – Final 1.mp3]

Harmonious Discord is proud to present the next in its line of sonic candies! This release features Harmonious Discord founders Sean Anderson andEric Reeves better known as “Grey”. In this release the Grey project shifts focus to a new style of edgy dance-floor tunes that are laden with movement-prompting bass-lines and sharp accents.


Simple Matters sets the pace with bouncing bal;-esque synth stabs interleaved with crunchy drums. Halfway through, the bass changes to a ripping saw that rips through sonic space and moves the tune into a prominent dance-floor presence.

Overtech offers a similar taste. Simple in design, Overtech takes the listener to a destination of conjoined melodies all dancing around each other. Staccato key stabs seem to talk back in fourth with the drums and bass-line build. Just when the progression seems exhausted it breaks into a funky break beat and continues to change and morph throughout the rest of the song. 

Grey first appeared on the radar in 2003 when they released their debut album on Guidance Recordings, a label that has hosted Ep’s from notables such as Glen Underground, Flunk, Project PM, Homebase, Phonogenic, and many more. Their debut was received with many warm reviews and set the bar very high for the duo. Shortly after in 2004, Grey released it’s second ep on their home label Harmonious Discord Recordings, which featured a remix by Seattle’s Jacob London. Also in 2004 Grey appeared alongside longtime friend J.D. Northrup (Chakaharta) to introduce their “Warm Focus” project which featured tunes from both artists on Dallas’s Fair Park Recordings. Since then you can find Grey releases on notable labels such as MVM, Blunted Funk, and Deepness.

Mastered by Brad Dale (Next Hour) 


“Simple Matters is my favorite – sounds nice. Would work in most clubs big or small!”
Joshua Collins [Urbantorque, NRK, Gourmet, Grayhound, frik:n:frak]


Available on Beatport

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