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[HD012] Chakaharta – the plant

Sparrowlizm [audio:] Heartland [audio:] Sparking [audio:] Gyjo [audio:] Sparking (CYOB Remix) [audio:] Heartland (South Coast Mix) [audio:] Keeping the Harmonious Discord style in full effect, this “mini-album” features 6 solo works from J.D. Northrup aka Chakaharta. Funky percussive beat constructionContinue reading[HD012] Chakaharta – the plant

[HD010] Kilowatts – Exit The Laugh

A1. Everglade [audio:KiloWatts_-_Everglade.mp3] A2. Everglade (Alland Byallo’s Mixed Messages Dub) [audio:Killowatts – Everglade (Alland’s Mixed Messages Remix).mp3] B1. Exit The Laugh [audio:KiloWatts_-_Exit_The_Laugh.mp3] B2. Well Tempered Weirdness [audio:KiloWatts_-_Well_Tempered_Weirdness.mp3] Harmonious Discord is pleased to announce its 10th release with an artist weContinue reading[HD010] Kilowatts – Exit The Laugh

[HD009] Discordian Dreaming Sampler

A1. Grey- Lights in [audio:Grey – Lights_Inn.mp3] A2. Chakaharta- Pacific Beats [audio:Chakaharta – pacific_beats.mp3] B1. Patchen- Dallas Sallad [audio:Patchen – dallas_sallad.mp3] B2. Monad- Meditation of the Devine [audio:Monad – Meditation_On_The_Divine.mp3] Harmonious Discord proudly presents an assortment of trippy, deep tunes perfectContinue reading[HD009] Discordian Dreaming Sampler

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