[HD060] Jay Tripwire – Ika (Vinyl and Digital Release)

This fall, sonic crevasses are filled with the unnerving sounds of spook and spoil. The once unsettling tones provide a feeling of nostalgia and a platform for music to tap into those sentiments. Arguably, one of the canonical artists when it comes to the witchy and abstract world of techno and house music is Canada’s Jay Tripwire. He is a household name and has been producing music for over 25 years on powerhouse labels like Nordic Trax, Swag Records, Tango, Dorigen, Lost My Dog, Nervous, Viva and most recently through his own imprint “Witching Hour”. Harmonious Discord is happy to welcome Jay to the label with a very special release offered both digitally and via limited vinyl pressing (200 copies).

Vinyl orders visit: https://harmoniousdiscord.bandcamp.com/album/ika

Harmonious Discord 060 Jay Tripwire – IKA

  1. Wokd
  2. Wormholes (Acid Mix)
  3. Wormholes (Jeff Scroggin Mix)
  4. Ika (Raw OG Vinyl Mix)
  5. Ika (OG Mix)

Beatport: https://www.beatport.com/release/ika/2752427 Itunes: https://music.apple.com/ca/album/ika/1484497348 Juno: https://www.junodownload.com/products/jay-tripwire-ika/4325679-02/ Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/1hIgvunLTSZDzr4FxZboS0

Ika is a collection of tunes with a common abstraction. Mature enough for a headphone listen but still relevant on the dancefloor. The project starts out with Wokd, a dizzy concoction or of slippery sound design and abrasive percussion. Next up is Wormholes, a penetrating acid house sonnet with whispered conversations and bin rattling bass. Austin’s Jeff Scroggin reworks Wormholes into a tightly shuffled, yet melodically driven selection for lighter moments in your warehouse adventure. Jeff’s take on the original combines the haunting undertones of the original with powerful house essentials. Arriving at our main event we have two tremendous techno works called Ika (The Japanese word for squid but sometimes used for certain cuttlefish). The RAW OG Vinyl Mix is a headstrong, percussive techno masterpiece remnant of earlier minimal and warehouse techno selections. Everything is carefully placed, and tones bounce of each other while creating syncopated space that moves this selection along. Our Ika revisit plays of the same sampled themes of the original but with a formulated bass foundation giving it a pronounced strut missing from the original. These selections are guaranteed to take you on a journey into the uncharted mind of artist Jay Tripwire.