[HD061] Aidin Hafezamini and Visions Of Glosters – Wizard of Oz

Harmonious Discord is all about Texas artists. It was born in the expansive state where talent knows no boundaries. Its focus has been on displaying the underground talent of the state coupled with contributions from friends near and far. Two exciting new artists making impressions in the grand state are Aidin Hafezamini (Denied, Audiophile Deep, This and That) and Visions of Glosters (Audiophile Deep front-man) and we are excited to give you their first release on HD with the perfectly odd Wizard of Oz. Joining the project to explore new variations is industry icon Joshua Collins (Audio Soul Project, Underground Construction, Gourmet, Greyhound, Low Pressings) with two remixes and HD frequent Tobor Rellik with a dubbed out techno re-envision.

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Beatport: https://www.beatport.com/track/wizard-of-oz-original/13180829 Itunes: https://music.apple.com/us/album/wizard-of-oz/1499004364 Juno: https://www.junodownload.com/products/aidin-hafezamini-visions-of-wizard-of-oz/4448725-02/ Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/4Xzv6a8og6bLRcQpT4mzzR

Wizard of Oz is laden with spook and surprise. Chunked out percussion plays off of often random and disorienting synthetics and samples. The original mix chugs along and builds like a dizzy spell as penetrating tones ring higher in pitch. The 5am Bass Mix switches out the dubby bass with robotic arpeggiations and Georgio Moroder-esk melodic construction. This one trades out the dissolved orientation with technical precision. Joshua Collins “Alpha Mix” lightens the mood and incorporates more classic house construction. The alpha mix mixes heavy techno percussion with carefully crafted melodic elements that dance around each other. The omega mix keeps the same hard techno elements but closes the filters and gives time for the pads and melodic accents to develop. Energy is dialed up when a filtered bass element takes command of the song. The breakdown delivers a euphoric reprise as the pads evolve into even richer soundscapes. Not to be ignored is Tobor Rellik’s take breathing complex bassline shifts and periodic percussion effects into the original. Tobor’s complex assembly of technical sound bites and permeable synthesizer development transverses the discerned ear of any house or technophile.

As the landscape of Texas artists continues to deliver norm shattering artisans, expect to hear more from artists like Aidin, Visions of Glosters, and Tobor Rellik.

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