[HD059] Lucas Ray – A New Soul

Lucas Ray has all you need in this exciting debut project for Harmonious Discord. We continue to discover amazing talent right on our doorsteps. Lucas Ray is an upcoming artist from Austin, TX with releases on Subplot, LB, Wetsuit and Fett Recordings. Lucas has been delivering fantastic DJ sets locally often featuring his new studio concoctions. Harmonious Discord is happy to introduce you three originals from the Texas talent along with remixes from Dr. deep himself Ivan Dbri and HD’s blunt object; Tobor Rellik.

Beatport: www.beatport.com/track/a-new-soul…nal-mix/12570283
iTunes: music.apple.com/us/album/a-new-soul/1480428933
Spotify: open.spotify.com/album/26TxAhEJLFwDsFfcJSz5xl

The project starts out with a chill original and title song “A New Life”. Melodically minded and percussively complex, our title tune delivers a deep house shade with hints of fall. Ivan Dbri follows with a lo-fi flip of this house staple. Deep and moody with a Terry Lee Brown Jr. vibe this remix dives into deeper territory. Carefully crafted synth accents float listeners into spacey sectors. “The Get Down” changes up the mood with a highly swung tech-tinged house piece. This original flaunts dancing filtered envelopes with pulsating organ overlays. Tobor’s remix gives us more muscle for late night adventures. Dub inspired synths and tribal percussion provide heavy coverage for weekend warehouses. We end with another special offering from Lucas, “All I Need”. Not to be ignored as a B side, “All I Need” is an energetic jackin house jam with music box arpeggios and distorted driving pads. Pitched vocal accents evolve filling the soundscape with dizzy repetition. A varied array of material for a moody season, dive into Lucas’s world.