[HD058] Murr – Foreign Nationals

As the complexities in the world enumerate, we must evolve to include our fellow humans in new and thoughtful ways. Diversity is a key pillar of what makes underground music so dynamic and worldly efforts to dissuade the diversification of music ultimately erode the very foundations that love and music depend on. As our trip through this galaxy becomes infinitely more complex it is ever more important to celebrate the beauty that is created when people of different cultures and viewpoints come together to create music that unifies across all boundaries.

Harmonious Discord 058 Murr – Foreign Nationals

  1. Murr – Foreign Nationals
  2. Murr – Foreign Nationals (Rithma Remix)
  3. Murr – Foreign Nationals (Station Point Remix)
  4. Murr – Blood River

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Foreign Nationals celebrates the colorful palate of influence created when we work together as humans. For this project, Toronto-based techno subvert and LAL front man Murr returns to the label with two brilliantly designed selections Foreign Nationals and Blood River. On remix duties for Foreign Nationals we are extremely excited to announce the return of a well-known entity with a name sure to touch some emotional portions of your memory. Rithma joins the project to balance a world of melody with the psychedelic soundscapes of Southern California.  Also on remix duties is Station Point, a new moniker for HD frequent J.D. Northrup (JDN/Chakaharta). We first featured these two artists together in a release in 2004 and we are happy to have them paired again.

Foreign Nationals displays the subversive tones that Murr is known for. Stripped down and fleshed out, Murr’s recordings stick to careful design and minimally maneuvered parts creating catchy tunes with seemingly simple constructions. The original is the perfect selection to help build anticipation leading into heavier material. Rithma’s remix draws upon the original building blocks but is delivered in a dancefloor friendly and quite unfamiliar revisit. Defining square wav bass and perfectly tempered drum construction quickly allow feet to move, while later sections bring in melodic washing reprises. Station Point is the more techno focused moniker of HD artist JDN and Chakaharta. Known for fluid bass construction and poly-rhythmic percussion, JD really turns up the fun on the bassline providing a satisfying remix for the middle of your sets. Blood River offers us something slightly different with crunched, rattling drum placement around staccato effect with intermittent dub washes creating a dreamstate experience.

Be on the lookout for new material from Murr and Rithma in the coming months as they are deep in the lab working on new full-length projects.

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