[HD032] Driip – Less than Lucid

Brisk fall winds and the crackle of once green timber set the tone for a killer contribution to the HD imprint from Toronto based artist Driip. Driip was first featured a year ago on our Discordian Dreaming sampler and we have been excited about the potential extended play for some time. Driip has a unique flavor of techno/minimal that explores the stranger landscapes. Always thought provoking and never plain dancefloor fodder, less than lucid delivers mind stretching synthetic snacks for your Halloween season.

Harmonious Discord 032 Driip – Less than Lucid
1. Driip – Less than Lucid
2. Driip – Less than Lucid (Symbio’s Riparian Reflection Mix)
3. Driip – There Ain’t no Way
4. Driip – There Ain’t no Way (The Countach Remix)

Less than Lucid is a bouncy minimal number with loads of metallic percussion and heavy sub bass. The signature techno pitched vocal reminds us “it is all in your mind” while the individual parts go mental with heavy fx treatment. HD artist and 530Techno front-man returns to the imprint with a subvert banger. Symbio uses the dark undertones present in the original but places it in context of a low slung funk. His interpretation is best suited for big warehouse spaces with a full bodied “umph” ready to shake the walls. There aint no Way takes us down in tempo to terrifying trot of mis-pitched analog bell-ma-geddon. The elements swirl into a wash of creepy droplets of melody. We conclude with a remix from The Countach, which takes a more dark disco route with floor friendly structure and saw-wave influence.


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