[HD033] Discordian Dreaming 6

Every year out of the depths of a balmy winter comes a collection of sonic sensations exploring the outer reaches of the musical frontier.  It has been the stage that has set the tone for a year of releases each winter and showcases arising talent on the HD radar.  This years sampler ranges from downtempo to wharehouse techno with a cohesive feeling of the haunting stillness that winter brings.  We welcome back label hero’s like Vegenaut, Signal Deluxe, Smight, and Wirik along with label freshman Ill76, Gians, El Natured, The Hermans, Joshua Kynd, and Christian Barbuto.

HD033 Discordian Dreaming 6

  1. Vegenaut – In the Hall of the Vegetable King
  2. Wirik – Perspective
  3. Ill76 – 5th Objective
  4. Signal Deluxe – Pink Tangerine
  5. Molecule – Day Dreaming (Gians Remix)
  6. El Natured – Lost Messages
  7. Hermans and Mike Davis – Flying Fortress
  8. Joshua Kynd – Blubber Ducky
  9. Christian Barbuto – White Light
  10. Smight – Babel on West 47th

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