[HD031] Monad – In the Stars

St. Louis based DJ/producer Don Tinsley AKA Monad is quickly becoming a Harmonious Discord staple, consistently producing heady-floaty tunes that aim to tickle the synapses. Within the Monad project obscurity is paramount, but this latest EP showcases an energy driven trio of tunes well suited for peak time danceability while retaining Monad’s trademark dissonant tone. Coupled with a quality group of originals are remixes from Mexico’s power couple Signal Deluxe who bring a dirty resonant funk to the project and Canadian producer Driip with an acid soaked dance workout.

Harmonious Discord 031 Monad – In the Stars
1. In the Stars
2. Never the Same Again
3. Never the Same Again (Driip Remix)
4. Said to the Wind
5. Said to the Wind (Signal Deluxe’s Bocanada Mix)

Our sonic journey begins with propulsion into cosmic territory via “In the Stars,” a chugging techy piece peppered with creeping effects and steady beat movement. Its second section transitions into housey minor chord interplay while keeping a string of off-key elements at play. “Never The Same Again” is a sharp detour back into the cavernous depths of bass driven minimalism. Sharp percussion and big atmosphere treatments make this a full moon montage of techno elements. Driip provides a remix here, applying some old-school acid technique. Pitch-bent trills steer the listener into odd collisions of melody while building beats rock this sweat-soaked cellar dweller. “Said To The Wind” submerges the listener further with flighty sprints of compressed air and an intriguing background cacophony. Signal Deluxe steps in to remix “Said To The Wind” with their trademark brand of dirty funk, utilizing fragments of bell reverberation and low down bass. Monad’s latest contribution is most certainly a taste of sounds in store on the Harmonious Discord fall menu.

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