[HD037] Discordian Dreaming 7


As Harmonious Discord sets the stage for it’s sonic deliverables in 2014 we are happy to give you a glimpse into artists we see as steering the direction of the label over the next 12 months.  Often underground and under-radar the Discordian Dreaming series aims to showcase some of the finest talent in the landscape and provide a dream-esk atmosphere that blurs the lines of genre classification.  Returning to the label are skilled musicians Ivan Dbri, Vital, Ill76, PointBender and Christian Barbuto providing the listener with a new chapter in artist evolution.  In addition we welcome new artists Wonder Nexus, Onium, Adam Pickrell, and Black Beanz to the HD collection furthering our commitment to quality underground oddities.  Expect much more from this group of dreamers as Harmonious Discord gears up for a major 2014.

HD037 Discordian Dreaming 7

1. Wondernexus – Peregrin

2. Onium – Coma State

3. Ill76 – Scientific Dictatorship

4. Adam Pickrell featuring Daniel Hardaway – Reach Suite

5. Ivan Dbri – Diving into you

6. Vital – How it All Began

7. Black Beanz – Something

8. Christian Barbuto and Daelo – Robo

9. Jerry Riggs and PointBender – Motherboard Bounce


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