[HD006] Molecule – Scene Machine EP

A1. Scene Machine
A2. Scene Machine (Merrick Brown’s Hipster Killa Remix)
B1. Convulsion
B2. On and On (featuring Paige)


Scene Machine– is an electro bumper with goose bump prompting eiry elements and rich electro beats. Scene Machine delivers robotic flair with a message!


On the remix we find Austin-based techno and broken beat legend Merrick Brown. Following suite with his warmly accepted Swizzlestick EP this remix takes the heavy electro hit and transforms it into a ghettofabulous techy breaks tune, a bumpy trademark tune from this household HD name!

On the flipside is an electro-house masterpeice, Convolusion is chock full of synth stabs, moving leads, and an overall big digital sound. The flow in this tune is upbeat and the track provides an insane amount of energy.

On and On is a spacey robot horse ride featuring vocalist Paige also of Dallas acclaim. The stompy beats and far out atmospheres make this a perfect track to zone out too. Paiges tongue n’ cheek naughty lyrics dirty up the dancefloor while the sinful synth engineering hynotizes the audience into a far out fantasy.


Available from Beatport

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