[HD067] Vuérs – Odyssey 19

Harmonious Discord 067 Vuèrs – Odyssey 19

  1. Lizard 
  2. Fibonacci
  3. Odyssey 19
  4. Odyssey 19 (Merrick Brown Remix)
  5. Odyssey 19 (Ross Mt Park Remix)
  6. Odyssey 19 (Nik Thrine Remix)

Purchase on Beatport: https://www.beatport.com/release/odyssey-19/3291272

Harmonious Discord is primed for a dense and celebratory 20-year anniversary with monthly releases by HD familiars and new faces. None fresher than this debut from Vuèrs (Italy) featuring his criminally intelligent depth and tonal maneuvering. We were excited to host this abstract collection along with multiple dancefloor translations from Nik Thrine, Ross Mt Park, and HD hometown hero Merrick Brown.

This journey blasts off Lizard, a swung selection featuring mellow chords being commanded by constantly evolving percussion. Found sound atmospheres flutter in and out giving Lizard a playful vibe. Fibonacci is a powerful tune imploring many of his swung and well thought percussion atop tension filled synthesizer components. It comes to life with sliced samples, a driving bass foundation, and periodic pitch variations.  Odyssey 19 embarks to more musical galaxies with jazz feeling married with subversive drum programming. A heady tune with powerful manipulations ensuring your mind goes in deep as space communications power our imagination. We had to continue the journey and knew that new HD artists Nik Thrine and Ross Mt Park could take us to even further regions. But first, we asked longtime HD contributor Merrick Brown to put his brain trust to work delivering a broken slow burn that teases the jazz influences into a well-choreographed mixture of organics and spacey synthetic leads. Ross Mt Park (Denied) gives us a rumbling dancefloor take, focusing on the tense soundscapes and glitching out the space communications. Park’s reassembly perfectly lives in the corners of sweaty warehouses. Nik Thrine (Staybad, Denied) tempers perfectly the dreamy nature of the original but giving it more power under the covers. Sexy Rhodes patterns and flirty fx fills complete this well-balanced remixture.  

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