[HD065] Jeffrey Tice – Flying High

Harmonious Discord 065 Jeffrey Tice – Flying High

  1. Flying High (Original)
  2. Flying High (Dub)
  3. Flying High (Daniel Allen Remix)
  4. Flying High (1981US Remix)

Beatport: https://www.beatport.com/release/flying-high/3160022

Bandcamp: https://www.beatport.com/release/flying-high/3160022

The kinetic style of San Francisco’s Jeffrey Tice has been on display over the past 6 years on Harmonious Discord. Jeffrey first asked us “Where Do We Go?” and then showed us the light with “Aurora”. Jeffrey then opened up the spectrum with “Chromatic” and now we are happy to announce Jeffrey is back with a stratospheric compliment called “Flying High”. Jeffrey provides the easily danceable original and dub mixes while Denied Music label boss Daniel Allen and 1981US break convention with two dynamic broken beat remixes. 1981US makes his debut on the imprint with his innovative blend to electronica and garage.

Flying High bounces with excitement. Commanding tom drums and fluid hi-hats combine to provide a Chicago-style house music bumper with jazz laden intercepts and acid inspired basslines. Familiar vocal treatments and resonated leads create a danceable mayhem. The dub mix features much of the same traditional underground house flair with a stronger focus on the jazz elements and the introduction of funk-inspired bass guitar. Mellow pads and 5th chord rises deliver a sublime reprieve. Daniel Allen returns to the label to give the original a strong breakbeat interpretation with the same attention to dynamic percussion and shifting melodies we have come to expect from the boss. Daniel’s mix utilizes rotating pitch changes to deliver a blissful music experience, focusing on fluid broken beats and elevating melodic elements. 1981US ups the tempo with a garage inspired re-imagining with nods to early rave-culture construction. This remix invokes an inviting sentiment and stands strong in the club and inside the headphones. The outro of the 1981US remix showcases his deep understanding of sonic manipulation, a perfect end to the project. 

Jon Wesley – Great tunes. It takes some guts to sample Depeche Mode. I like the Daniel Allen breaks version best but the original is nice too.

Matthew Brian – “Wow! Great release! All 4 mixes are solid, offering up something for everyone. The original mix has that new wave sound as well as really bouncy acid lines. I feel like I’m listening to a more underground version of Dj Buelller! Full Support! Great concept and execution.”

Ken Christensen Ken ECB – “While all mixes are well produced the original is outstanding. West Coast boogie down rhythms with a bumping low end that erupts into acid house bliss. It’s these cuts that remind me of digging at tweekin and Hearing them at sub level party’s, completely captures both San Fran Disco and LA. Highly recommended.”

CHKLTE Jonathan Lopez – “dub of flying high for & the 1981us remix for me, thank you ! will test them out”

Joe Miggedy – “Acid house with a dreamy organic touch”Wilbour Craddock – quirky little acid bubbler with a sax riff that garbs the late night dance floor crowd

Tyler Stadius – Nice funky dub. Thanks

Brian Epstein – Get it Jeffrey!

Simon Kirk – The original mix is awesome – will be playing for quite some time..Thanks guys.

Andreas Kinzl – tuff thing direct for the floor

Jamie Topham – Cool original groove backed with some very interesting mixes.

Rob Zile – quality ep, all versions are winners!

Jon Fugler – Strangely pleasing selection of mixes, the sub tom thing becomes increasingly hypnotic…lovely. Main mix for me, with some added halloween love for the 1981US. Many thanks.

Vanilla Ace – Cool oneCoers – Nice ones

Koma – cool remixes, really good original mix

Scheibosan – original & dub are best !!

Lex Loofah – “Love the electro nod this track gives with the lovely percussion.Solid and funky with nice 303 line. Thumbs up “

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