[HD047] Jeffrey Tice – Aurora

Harmonious Discord 047 Jeffrey Tice – Aurora

San Francisco native Jeffrey Tice has a talent for seeing color in the blank spaces.  Jeff’s roots are in early electronica but that doesn’t stop him from adopting the methods of the future.  The Aurora ep is Jeff’s sophomore release on our imprint following the success of his first project “Where do you go?”.  Jeff is now asking, what’s going on in a new collection of musically minded dancefloor tunes.  Austin resident and Denied Music boss Daniel Allen provides us a blissful reprise and longtime contributor of sonic oddities Plastic Pope returns to the label with a signature of strange.

Harmonious Discord 047 Jeffrey Tice – Aurora

  1. Aurora
  2. What’s Going On?
  3. What’s Going On? (Daniel Allen Remix)
  4. Been Alone
  5. Been Alone (Plastic Pope Remix)
  6. Table Cape Leisure

Aurora provides a great balance between floaty ethereal accents and driving funk bass.  A snappy rhythm section helps move the experience forward with jovial flare.  What’s Going On changes tone with a serious intro with built in tension and masterful dub design.  Rich in texture and methodical in design this tune is an essential dancefloor tool.  Daniel Allen returns to deliver an inspiring heater that elevates the mood to euphoric atmospheres with rich chord interplay and spacious arps.  Been Alone delivers immediately on thick garage and deep house constructs, including a building analog bass pattern that begs for foot movement.  HD’s mysterious but ever consistent provider of strangeness Plastic Pope makes a much anticipated return offers a small slice of insanity with hints of breakbeat, jackin Chicago house, and quirk.  Jeff ends the ep with a disco inspired whale sonnet named Table Cape Leisure.  Pressed with rim shots and summer fair this funk jam session can fit within the borders of a diverse set of music.

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