[HD013] KiloWatts- Luna Rd.

Luna Rd.

Luna Rd. (Molecule’s RTFM Mix)

Luna Rd. (Molecule’s Wrong Turn Mix)

The Grog

In the early morning hours of 1996 in Dallas, TX, there was a mysterious and historic road tucked away from the bustling city chaos. It was in this place that the earliest house and techno sounds were heard by area residents and the Eire, hypnotic vibe of the surroundings created the illusion of stepping into another world.

Among those to experience these nights of insanity was a young James Watts. Nearly 12 years later he has captured the essence of this legendary place in a spaced out Techno trembler. Luna Rd. uses floating vibes to travel the listener to the outer reaches while increasing energy propels the rhythm into an intense workout. To further drive this project to abstraction, we invited HD label artist Molecule to bring his digitally de-constructive vision to the EP. The RTFM Mix is packed with creepy spacial abnormalities and sharp glitchy noises. His Wrong Turn Mix starts right into a wave of chaos as synths, drones, and tones collide to create pure dance-floor insanity.

As a special Beatport exclusive, we have included another jamming tune by Mr. Watts called “The Grog”. The Grog jacks with subversive synth syncopation and killer bass swells till halfway through, when the bass explodes into a myriad of rocking riffs with crunchy filters and Star Wars-esque mechanical noises.


Harmonious Discord 013 KiloWatts- Luna Rd.
November 13th 2008

A1. Luna Rd.
A2. The Grog
B1. Luna Rd. (Molecule’s RTFM Mix)
B2. Luna Rd. (Molecule’s Wrong Turn Mix)

Available exclusively at http://www.beatport.com

In the last 5 years KiloWatts has been a strong presence in the music scene with a diverse catalog of innovative releases ranging from rock-electronica, down-tempo, breaks, as well as house and techno. He has been featured on prestigious labels such as Om, DirtyBird, Native State, and Holophonic; and rocked events world-wide. With 4 full length albums and a huge collection of ep’s and remixes KiloWatts has crafted his own unique sound that is translating to dance-floors and expert ears alike.

Bending rules by bending sound, Molecule’s diverse work is directly related to his deep understanding and training on multiple instruments in various forms of music. Also a professional Sound Designer, Molecule’s releases push sonic boundaries and carve new paths into the trails electro, techno, and electronic music. His live dj sets and live pa performances focus on bringing new and interesting collections of frequency to the dance floor for a new generation.


“Another stunning release for both HD and Kilowatts! I love the originals the most, especially the title cut. I’ll be playing both this weekend and then some. Heat!!!”

-Alland Byallo | Nightlight Music, [KONTROL], Utensil Recordings

“Nice electronic stuff!”

-Patrick Turner | Bluem, Movim

“This is the best stuff anyone has sent me in awhile”

-Dave Pezzner | Classic, Freerange

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