[HD004] Morgan Page & Josal – What Can You Do For Me?

(featuring Mistie)

A1. Original Mix
[audio:What can you do for me -Main.mp3]
A2. Demarkus Lewis Remix
[audio:What can you do for me- Demarkus Lewis remix.mp3]
B1. Morgan’s Broken Beat Dub

[audio:What can you do for me- Breakbeat.mp3]


The EP starts off on the right foot featuring the original crafted by Morgan Page and Dallas’s own Joseph Lanius. The original mix offers the bumping 4/4 techy goodness that we tend to provey at Harmonious Discord. Smooth sounding rhodes and accents ensure that this will become a late night classic with the drums and bass remaining punchy and crisp.

A2 delivers a completely different shade of emotion. Local Huganuat Demarkus Lewis serves up a deep rework with atmospheric thunder crashes and lightning strikes. Big thick chords and sexy percussion is what drives this sweet serenade and with the addition of broken beat break downs and dreamy delays we start to hear a Dallas meets France sort of sound seep through.

The B side shows Morgan’s eclectic side. The 115 bpm broken beat has a shuffle that dares any feet to resist and provides rich dark synth undertones and phone tone style melodies. Vocal tricks and reverse reverbs set the track in an otherworldly tone while the percussion fills the dancefloor with big ominous midrange.

Altogether this Ep is guaranteed to be a hallmark release for Harmonious Discord and we couldn’t be happier keeping in our theme of offering the world some of the most diverse and innovative music out there.

Available on Beatport.com

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