[HD042] Harmonious Discord 042 Dé Antonio and Dorian – Speak to Your Soul


Harmonious Discord 042 Dé Antonio and Dorian – Speak to Your Soul

  1. Dé Antonio and Dorian – Speak to Your Soul (Can You Hear Me Mix)
  2. Dé Antonio and Dorian – Speak to Your Soul (Moving Deep Within Mix)
  3. Dé Antonio and Dorian – Speak to Your Soul (Vital Remix)

Harmonious Discord artist Brad Dale is a master of many trades and purveyor of a ménage of styles and vibes. From glitched out techno tracks as Molecule, his indie-style folk work as member of the band Ishi, his subversive and deep sound design under his eclectic moniker Echo Conscious, and most recently his collaboration with vocalists to create a fun, stylistic throwback sound which he produces under the alias Dorian. Recently Dorian has been teaming up with area vocalists to create a mixture of dance techniques with elevated vocal pairings. In this EP he partners with vocalist Dé Antonio to bring you Speak to Your Soul, a dance-floor fit for almost any occasion.


The main mix is a tech house standard where the vocal presence drives the piece. Dé Antonio can be heard elaborating on the ever-catchy chorus line. All of this backed by the type of intricate production styling that Brad is known for. The Moving Deep Within mix drives a later night approach with a techno style beat production and more pronounced synth work. They are great paired together or chosen strategically based on how pervasive you want the beats/production vs. the vocal line. The Deep Within mix will be perfect for any trippy afterhours shenanigans. Another Harmonious Discord name stay returns to give a drummy rework that sits right in-between the two originals. Jeff Haviland aka Vital crafts a balanced and progressive rework allowing the elements to build and accent in a more traditional fashion. The three combined ensure you have a great rendition for any occasion. Expect to hear more from Dorian over the coming months!

Dorian, the latest moniker of producer Brad Dale named directly after his favorite music mode/scale. After nearly a decade of electronic releases as Molecule, Djing, forming and producing for the acclaimed Dallas Based indie electronic outfit Ishi, and side stepping into more experimental productions as Echo Conscious, Brad comes full circle into a more focused, direct dance floor excursion as Dorian. Dorian has teamed up with Panamanian vocalist De’Antonio as De’Antonio & Dorian for a series of releases on Harmonious Discord and a live pa performance including acclaimed afro-cuban percussionist Francis Moka. The best of future and ancient dance music fundamentals collide in an infectious sound not to be missed.

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